Prebiotics vs Probiotics – You need to know the difference?

23rd October 2017

You may have heard the terms Prebiotics & Probiotics before but aren’t really sure what they are or if they are even different things.  Today we are going to solve the mystery of what each does and how they can help you and your diet.

What is the human microbiome?

What would you think if I said that only 10% of you is human? Well that is true! We share our body with around 100 trillion organisms which is 10x the amount of human cells we have.

This large number of microbial cells is what we call our microbiome and it a balance of good and bad bacteria.

Ideally we want a higher proportion of good bacteria as this brings with it a bunch of health benefits.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that are found in many dairy products and other foods:
– Yogurt
– Olives
– Kefir
– Raw Cheese
– Gherkin pickles

There are also many supplements on the market that sell probiotics in pill and capsule form.

These good bacteria from probiotics get added to the microbiome but the problem is that the amount being added is such a small amount compared to the number of bacteria already in the gut so the health benefits are very marginal if you feel any at all.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are special fibers only found only in plants (mainly vegetables):

– Garlic
– Onions
– Leeks
– Asparagus
– Banana’s

These Probiotic fibres aren’t broken down by the stomach or small intestine. When these fibers reach your gut, they act like a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut.

This massively increases the ratio of good bacteria in a much more effective way then a probiotic.

As a result you will feel many health benefits (Read more about the benefits here).

Best way to get Prebiotics?

You will obviously want to eat a mixtures of all the vegetables that are mentioned above that contain prebiotics but most foods contain only small amounts.

Brewfull teas contain 6g of soluble pea fiber prebiotic per sick which is a huge amount.

This is equivalent to eating 2kg of broccoli or 1/2 kg of lentils. All this amazing prebiotic in a lovely tasting cup of tea.

Why not try Brewfull today and improve your gut health and reap all the positive benefits.