The science behind Brewfull

7th October 2017

Your digestive tract is lined with trillions of bacteria, some friendly, some less so and the ratio is affected by what you eat.

By eating the right foods you can reinforce the good bacteria and push out the bad ones.

What do the good bacteria love? – A varied diet with lots of fibre.

What do the bad bacteria love? – A limited diet containing sugar, salt, fat and emulsifiers.

Brewfull contains 6g of (GOS) – soluble dietary fibre per stick – equivalent to eating 2kg of broccoli or 1/2 kg of lentils. These fibres are not broken down in the stomach allowing them to reach the large intestine.

Here they are fermented by the good bacteria to produce short chain fatty acids which stimulate the release of hormones, these have an action on the brain reducing the desire to eat by 19% over a 14 day period.

Start your journey to a healthier you today!