Why you need fibre for a healthy diet – What is dietary fibre?

20th November 2017

Let’s talk about fibre

The UK government’s recommendation is to consume 30g fibre per day, but most of us only consume around 18g.

Its obvious that we aren’t getting enough of it in our diets and it is so beneficial to us!

Why do we need fibre?

Fibre is well known to reduce constipation and help with coronary heart disease but there are other reasons why we need to eat more.

There are two types of fibre – insoluble and soluble or put simply those that act as bulking agents and go straight through (insoluble) and those that get fermented in the large intestine (soluble).

By consuming more soluble (fermentable) fibre we are supplying the healthy bacteria with their ideal food source, therefore increasing their numbers and pushing out the disruptive ones.

These healthy bacteria (Bifidobacteria and Lactobaccillus) produce short chain fatty acids which reduce the faecal pH which makes it more difficult for the pathogenic bacteria to thrive.

But these short chain fatty acids do other things as well.

They stimulate the release of gut hormones such as ghrelin, GLP-1 and PYY and these have an action on the brain resulting in a suppression of hunger.

They also reduce the rise of glucose and insulin that otherwise makes us store fat.

Happy gut, happy you!

More recent research is also linking an unhappy gut to an unhappy mind.

At the microbiome institute in Ireland they found that soluble fibre fed to mice influenced which bacteria thrived in the gut which in turn produced substances that were shown to knock down stress and anxiety.

The latest research in France shows that daily doses of soluble fibre can limit the effects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which is estimated to affect 80% of obese people.

How to get more fibre in your diet?

Fibre can be found in lots of different places in your diet but mainly in vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts.

By simply choosing whole meal foods and selecting the right sorts of cereal you can easily boost your fibre intake.

Looking for more help… try Brewfull.

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